JCSN: Cassini/MIMI Science Planning and Visualization Tool


JCSN is a science planning and visualization tool for the MIMI instrument on the Cassini satellite. It can be used to display Cassini spacecraft attitude relative to various bodies in the Saturnian system. It is also useful for displaying the MIMI instrument sensor fields of view, which provide a simple, visual flight rule constraint checker to find optimum pointing.

The JCSN User's Guide provides a detailed description of the tool. Due to the rather large screenshots referenced in the HTML, you may need to resize your browser to accomodate them. The User's Guide may also be obtained in PDF format for offline viewing or printing. It can be downloaded from here. JCSN is written in Java, but the current release is bundled in native packages for each supported platform that includes the Java Runtime Environment.


Macintosh (OS/X)
jcsn2d-5.0.0.dmg (498MB): Download, double click to mount, follow instruction in README.rtf.
Windows 64-bit
jcsn2d-5.0.0.zip (491MB): Just unzip to the directory of your choice. Run JCSN2D.exe. A JCSN.ico file is provided if you want to apply an icon to a shortcut for launching the application.
Linux 64-bit
jcsn2d-5.0.0.tar.gz (494MB): Untar to the directory of your, launch with JCSN2D executable. If that fails, due to missing libraries, it can alternatively be launched from the jcsn2d.sh shell script in the unpacked directory. An icon, JCSN.png, is also provided for your convenience in the bundle.


This version contains the final released SPICE kernels, including:

Change logs for prior versions can be found: here.

For reference purposes, the old JCSN website can be found: here. Previously supported beta versions using the packaged native installers can be found: here or here.

Contact MIMI Webmaster with any questions, comments, or concerns.