MIMI XINCA Image Directions:

Displaying INCA Energetic Neutral Atom (ENA) Images: The Skymap is the input image projected onto the sphere of the sky, using the azimuthal projection with the 'north pole' of the sky sphere being the vertical axis. This display is designed for the analysis of ENA images, produced when the INCA high voltage ion and electron rejection plates are powered. This display is typically Saturn or Titan centered, in which case the vertical axis is aligned parallel with the body north pole. Other frames keep the vertical axis in the projected image parallel with the spacecraft Z axis. Various objects may be chosen for wire - frame overlay representation in the image display.

Displaying INCA data in Ion Mode: This menu also produces a (selectable) display known as Thumbnail (type=Square), for with the INCA FOV is represented in instrument, rectangular coordinates (vertical is elevation, parallel with the INCA slit and collimator plates, and with the Spacecraft Z axis, horizontal is azimuth, perpendicular to the INCA slit and collimator plates). This display is the appropriate choice for displaying INCA ion measurements when the charged particle rejection plates are turned off. Using the on - board magnetic field vector (provided courtesy of the Cassini MAG Investigation) the contours of constant pitch angle may be used as overlays in the Thumbnail projections. When the spacecraft is rolling about its Z axis, the coordinates of the Thumbnail map are the spin based coordinates to represent what a spinning imager 'sees'.

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