MIMI Weekly Plot Directions:

1. Select the plot style by clicking on the desired style.
2. Select black or white background.
3. Select Ion or Neutral mode for INCA TOF Channel plot.
4. Enter the year and day of year.
5. Select Update Window button to display the selected plot.
6. The plots have 1 page per week.
7. The << button will page down the amount in days, the >> button will page up the amount in days. The default is one week.

MIMI Plot Descriptions

INCA TOF Channels:
The INCA TOF channel plot displays the high time-of-flight resolution image data averaged to one value per image and plotted as line plots on a logarithmic scale in differential flux. The data is plotted as both Ion and Neutral Mode or either Ion or Neutral mode, which is determined by the voltage on the INCA collimator. Select the Ion, Neutral or Both Mode data button to vary which data is plotted.

Spacecraft Orientation:
The top plot is of the Z spin flag that will plot a green line if it is set to 1 (MIMI in spin mode). The other plots list angles in degrees 0 - 180 from the s/c axis to NEP, Sun and planet. The data closest to 0 and 180 should stand out.
Axis DegreesColor
-X 90-180 blue
0 - 89.9 red
-Y 90-180 gray
0 - 89.9 orange
-Z 90-180 green
0- 89.9 hot pink
170-180Thick line
135-169.9Medium line
45-134.9Thin line
10-44.9Medium line
0-9.9 Thick line

LEMMS Rates:
The LEMMS rates plot displays the periodic readouts of the accumulator channels from the two telescopes, in counts/accumulator as line plots on a logarithmic scale. It also includes a plot of the priority channels that are sampled more frequently in counts/accumulator on a logarithmic scale. The bottommost plot is a spacecraft orientation plot.

Data Validity:
The top plot displays a thick colored bar if the INCA instrument is in ion mode (where the collimator voltage is less than a threshold value). If the voltage on the collimator is outside the normal expected value, a thin bar is plotted.

The rest of the lines in the data validity plot display the L1a data validity measurements. For most of the data types this consists of if the data is present. For the auxiliary data the line indicates that the sector start of time data was present. The auxiliary start of sector time is used in the timing calculation for all the data types except for housekeeping.

Analog Converted Volts:
The analog converted voltages plot displays the more important voltages in volts on linear scale line plots.

Analog Converted Currents:
The analog converted currents plot displays the more important currents in milliamps respectively on linear scale line plots.

Analog Converted Temps:
The analog converted temperature plot displays the more important instrument temperatures in degrees Centigrade and valid and invalid command counts on linear scale line plots.

Processing Products:
The processing products page lists the L0, L1a, kernels and browse products produced by the processing system. The columns are file type, file name, date, file size and the % complete of the supporting data file for the file type.