MIMI INCA TOF Channel Plot Directions:

Spacecraft Orientation Plot Description:
The top plot is of the Z spin flag that will plot a green line if it is set to 1 (MIMI in spin mode) and a pink line if the C kernel used is a predicted kernel.The other plots list angles in degrees 0 - 180 from the s/c axis to NEP, Sun and planet. The data closest to 0 and 180 should stand out.
Axis DegreesColor
-X 90-180 blue
0 - 89.9 red
-Y 90-180 gray
0 - 89.9 orange
-Z 90-180 green
0- 89.9 hot pink
170-180Thick line
135-169.9Medium line
45-134.9Thin line
10-44.9Medium line
0-9.9 Thick line