Cassini/MIMI Science Planning and Visualization Tools

Updated: May 22, 2012

The Cassini/MIMI science planning and visualization tools display spacecraft attitude, instrument fields of view, and a variety of other data in various frames and projections.  They enable the user to quickly browse targets of opportunity and visually check constraints to arrive or investigate optimum pointing.  These tools also enable users to examine "as-flown" observation geometry to facilitate data analysis.

Launch JCSN
Launch JCSN
JCSN: The science planning and visualization tool for the MIMI instrument.  It displays spacecraft attitude and trajectory data relative to various Saturnian bodies, MIMI fields of view, and a variety of other data useful for planning observations.

The latest version, 3.9.0, released on May 22, 2012 requires Java 6 or later, and includes:
  • Updated to the latest SCLK kernel: cas00152.tsc
  • Included short term predicted ephemeris through 2012-129
  • Included reconstructed ephemeris through 2012-098
  • Updated reconstructed attitude through 2012-124
  • Updated predict attitude through 2012-307
Click here for details and the User's Guide.

Launch OrbitBrowser
Launch OrbitBrowser
OrbitImageBrowser: This tool is an image browser to view the plots which illustrate the keep-out zones for flight rules as well as pitch-angle coverage charts. 

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