MultiMission Pulse Height Analysis

MPHA for Cassini 2010-280 and on

      current stable version 2010-280 and on

To start the MPHA Analysis software for Cassini, click on either image (above or below):

MPHA includes some Help Pages and extensive tooltip assistance .

Press here to download a recent pdf copy of the MPHA Help Pages .
Press here to see the MPHA maintenance file, look at MPHA-README .

      current stable version 2004-170 - 2010-279

You must have Java 1.5+ or higher to run the newer verions of MPHA.

A computer with a fully updated JVM will work fine.

An earlier version of MPHA that runs on Java 1.4+ can be found here .

Status Updates

These changes apply to the current version:

These changes apply only to the test version:

2005-Dec-09 - Initial Distribution.

The strategy is to provide two versions of MPHA for the Cassini team - a current (regular) version and a test version.
Both versions will be updated when the newer test version becomes stable.


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