Cassini MIMI<br>Magnetospheric IMaging



Ion and Neutral Camera

The Ion and Neutral Camera (INCA), provided by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory with help from other Co-Investigator institutions, obtains remote, images of the global distribution of energetic ions for energies from 7 keV/nucleon to 8 MeV/nucleon, discriminated according to energy and mass species (Oxygen and Hydrogen). To obtain these images INCA measures the arrival directions, energy, and mass species of Energetic Neutral Atoms (ENA's) using the new technique of ENA imaging (see Energetic Neutral Atom Imaging). INCA also can be commanded to obtain very high sensitivity ion measurments, providing the angular, energy, and species (O and H) distributions of in-situ ions. The measurement technique is described more fully in the first figure caption below. INCA is mounted on the body of the spacecraft (see Spacecraft Diagram and Spacecraft Photo), and its 120 deg. by 90 deg. field of view is centered on the spacecraft -Y axis. INCA has a mass of 6.92 kg and consumes about 3.0 W of nominal power. Its volume envelope is about XXX by YYY by ZZZ cm.

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