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Welcome to MIMI's Public Data

We present uncalibrated, calibrated, higher order data products, a data user guide, and public analysis software for the Magnetosphere Imaging Instrument (MIMI) on Cassini. (The quick links to the left and right allow the user to jump quickly to the desired locations.)

These new MIMI products simplify the process of using and analyzing MIMI data. While raw MIMI data and basic calibration information have been available in the PDS, the new user guide describes the most up to date steps needed to convert the data into science units. The guide offers detailed procedures for reading and calibrating data from all three MIMI sensors: LEMMS, CHEMS, and INCA.

We are now providing public access to software implementing the details in the user guide. MIDL provides visual browsing and direct access to energetic particle LEMMS, CHEMS and INCA data and magnetic field data for Cassini. INCA analysis software is also available on line. The applications include pulse height analysis (PHA) plots, pitch angle versus flux plots, image time-of-flight (TOF) spectrograms, TOF channel line plots, image skymaps, and image thumbnail plots.

We also provide a download tool to aid the user in obtaining the MIMI data from the PDS and organizing the data in a directory structure as well as including links to the specific MIMI data directories at the PDS

We provide read routines for the uncalibrated LEMMS, CHEMS and INCA data and calibration software for the INCA images in IDL . We also provide our analysis SPICE kernel set.

To the right is a set of links to detailed descriptions and directions.

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