Cassini MIMI<br>Magnetospheric IMaging

The MIMI team uses SPICE, which is the NASA Planetary Science Division's Ancillary Data System and is available from the Planetary Data System Navigation Node (NAIF) at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The system assists scientists in planning and interpreting scientific observations from space-based instruments. The system includes a software set which is available from the URL: toolkit.

The system also makes use of SPICE data kernels, which provide the software with ancillary data. The MIMI team maintains a SPICE kernel set specifically set up for MIMI observations. This kernel set is updated every 1 to 2 months during the mission.
  1. Obtain the Cassini/MIMI SPICE kernel set:
    Transfer the MIMI SPICE kernel repository of analysis kernels to your computer. A tar gziped kernel set is available in UNIX format via the web at the following URL: MIMI Analysis Kernel Set

    At the conclusion of this step you should have a directory analysis_kernels_small/ on your system that has the following contents:
    • ck/ - Contains spacecraft and instrument pointing kernels
    • dck/ - This directory is meant to be empty.
    • fk/ - Contains frame kernels. Contain CASSINI and MIMI specific frames of reference.
    • ik/ - Contains instrument kernels. Contains specific instrument mounting alignment, for example.
    • lsk/ - Contains leap second kernel.
    • mk/ - Contains the meta kernels. A meta kernel loads multiple SPICE kernels.
    • pck/ - Contains the Planetary Kernels.
    • sclk/ - Contains the spacecraft clock kernels.
    • spk/ - Contains the ephemeris for the spacecraft, solar system body, or other physical body.
    • - Symbolic link to mk/lemms_v(version).tm. MIMI LEMMS pointing meta kernel that loads all lemms pointing kernels from ck directory.
    • - Symbolic link to mk/mimi_v(version).tm. This is a meta-kernel that instructs SPICE to load a set of kernels for data analysis for the Cassini/MIMI project. It loads all the kernels except those for spacecraft and instrument pointing.
    • - Symbolic link to mk/ckp_v(version).tm. This is a meta-kernel that instructs SPICE to load a set of predict C-kernels for the Cassini orbiter frame.
    • - Symbolic link to mk/ckr_v(version).tm. This is a meta-kernel that instructs SPICE to load a set of reconstructed C-kernels for the Cassini orbiter frame.

  2. Edit PATH_VALUES entry in Meta Kernels
    Open all files in the mk directory,
    • mimi_v(version).tm
    • ckp_v(version).tm
    • ckr_v(version).tm
    • lemms_v(version).tm

    and change the PATH_VALUES entry in the "Root Repository Path Specification" section shown below to refer to the absolute path to your repository.

    Example: Root Repository Path Specification:
    PATH_VALUES += ( '/project/cassini/ftpdata/analysis_kernels_small/' )

  3. Load meta kernels in IDL using SPICE DLM:
    The order in which SPICE kernels are loaded is very important. The last kernel to be loaded takes precidence over previously loaded kernels. So for the MIMI meta kernels, load the LEMMS meta kernel first followed by the MIMI meta kernel, predict C meta kernel and lastly the reconstructed C meta kernel.

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