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This section describes how to obtain the MIMI IDL code, calibration and auxiliary files needed to read MIMI data and read and calibrate MIMI INCA data. The following sections describes the IDL routines, calibration files and auxiliary files in more detail.

Obtain and Install Code Tar Set

MIMI_code_calibration.tar.gz is a set containing everything a user would need to run the MIMI IDL routines. It includes the IDL code, instrument calibration files and any auxiliary files needed by the user. The code, calibration and auxiliary files are placed into subdirectories expected by the IDL code SETUP routine which will make it simpler for the user to get started.
To install the MIMI IDL read routines, calibration data, and auxiliary support files, gunzip the file set, and then untar. MIMI_code_calibration.tar.gz
gunzip MIMI_code_calibration.tar.gz
tar -xvf MIMI_code_calibration.tar


Any links included in the following sections are included as a convenience for the user to update their file set after the entire code and calibration file set have already been installed. It is much simpler to install the whole set first and only use the individual links when the calibration or auxiliary set has been updated. The IDL code expects the individual files to be placed into the proper subdirectories.

MIMI IDL Routines

The main read routines consist of PDS_READ_MIMI for all non-image uncalibrated files and PDS_READ_MIMIIMG for the uncalibrated image files which are found in the COMIMI_missionphase/DATA/INCA_IMAGES directory in the PDS. Included with the code, are TEST_READ_MIMI and TEST_READ_MIMIIMG procedures that the user can edit with their paths and files to get started using the MIMI routines. The MIMI user guide contains descriptions of the main IDL routines in the section on INCA. Calibration for the INCA images is also included in the IDL code set.

SPICE Leap Second Kernel

the latest leap second kernel from the JPL SPICE NAIF site which is needed for IDL Read Routines. File naming format is naif####.tls
The following link is included in case the leap second file has been updated after the user has already installed the entire code and calibration file set. naif0012.tls

MIMI Calibration File

The MIMI calibration file is a comma delimited ASCII file, which contains all the calibration constants for the MIMI instrument except for INCA's flux transfer matrixes. The file naming format is MIMI_CALIBRATION_v(version).csv.
The version is a 4 digit number.
The following link is included in case the calibration file has been updated after the user has already installed the entire code and calibration file set. MIMI_CALIBRATION_0021.csv

INCA Image Geometric Factor x Efficiency Matrix

The directory geometricfactorXefficiency_matrix contains the INCA image flux transfer files which are matrixes that contain the INCA instrument geometric factors and the efficiency factors. The selection of the proper matrix is determined by the image type, species, time-of-flight, time period in the mission and whether the instrument is in a spinning or staring mode. The matrix files are arraigned in directories based on time in the mission. The mission time periods are divided into the following directories and cover the dates listed:

preJupiter1997-244 to 2001-119T23:59
postJupiter 2001-120 to 2003-263T23:59
postFlightv342003-264 to 2009-365T23:59
post20102010-001 to 2013-304T23:59
post20132013-305 to the end of mission

In each of these directories, there is a spin and a stare directory, containing the spin and stare matrixes respectively. In each spin or stare directory is the matrix set. The naming scheme for the geometric and efficiency matrixes is based on the number of pixels in the image, the time-of-flight and the species and is as follows:

(#pixels)x(#pixels)_tof(time-of-flight index)_(species).csv

The matrices and the following calibration date file change very rarely and must match.

Calibration Matrix Date File

The file decom_incaflux_dates.txt determines the dates the INCA image geometric factor and efficiency matrices directories cover. This file is used by the MIMI IDL INCA image read routine.

Auxiliary Files:

Some of these files are used by the analysis software and are included when the entire set is downloaded and others are included as an aid to the user in determining when data is available. See Auxiliary Files

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