MIMI abundance ratios

This is the access page for a dataset of MIMI abundance ratios.

The data are available in three resolutions: 1, 6, and 24 hour averages:

There is a README file is available to describe the data: README_mimi_ratios.txt

Each data file contains averages of the following abundance ratios:
W+ to H+
H2+ to H+
He++ to H+
C+ to H+
N+ to H+
Each of these ratios is computed over a limited set of E/Q steps (DPPS steps). The energy range of each ratio is indicated in the name of the ratio. Also, for each ratio, the individual values (numerator and denominator) that went into the ratio are also available.

There are also GAFs, or group abundance fractions, which are ratios of just the counts. These are designed to capture measurements with low counts and measurements with higher counts with a statistical consistency. A group abundance fraction of He++ and H2+ is the ratio of He++ over the sum of He++ and H2+. Likewise, a GAF of H2+ and He++ is the ratio of H2+ to the sum of H2+ and He++. Ask Ed Roelof for more details and also see the following:

The Group Abundance Fraction: A statistically robust measure of particle composition and of spatial structure in images (Roelof, 2015)

Also, you can download an application that lets you view line plots and spectrograms of the data. The viewer application includes the data.

MIMI-Ratio-Viewer download options

The following downloads are available for version 2017.11.08

Operating System Application with Java
Windows MIMI-Ratio-Viewer version 2017.11.08 plus Java 1.8 for Windows
MacOS MIMI-Ratio-Viewer version 2017.11.08 plus Java 1.8 for MacOS
Linux MIMI-Ratio-Viewer version 2017.11.08 plus Java 1.8 for Linux