MIDL for Cassini

To run the MIDL Analysis software for Cassini, download the appropriate application below.

There are two versions for each operating system. The first one is just the application and requires that you already have Java installed on your machine. The second ones includes Java with the application.

Note that for Macs, there is only a version that also includes Java.

NOTE: If you are running a version of MIDL older than 2015.12.08, then you will not be able to update using the internal "Check for updates" mechanism, but will rather need to fully delete the old MIDL and install a new one using a link below. Subsequent upgrades can then be done using the internal mechanism. (We changed the update capability to allow it to update even a new version of Java, so there should be less need to fully delete the application in the future.)

MIDL-for-Cassini download options

The following downloads are available for version 2017.05.22

Operating System Just the application Application with Java
Windows MIDL-for-Cassini version 2017.05.22 for Windows MIDL-for-Cassini version 2017.05.22 including Java 1.8 for Windows
MacOS No version. MIDL-for-Cassini version 2017.05.22 including Java 1.8 for MacOS
Linux MIDL-for-Cassini version 2017.05.22 for Linux MIDL-for-Cassini version 2017.05.22 including Java 1.8 for Linux

MIMI Ratio Viewer

NOTE: The ratio viewer is available here.

Proximal Orbit L Shell Positions for Cassinii

L values (in Rs) for Cassini proximal orbits as a function of time, when L < 8 are here: specific_mag_L_values.csv

Alternate way to run MIDL -- as a Java WebStart application.

Note that this way of running MIDL is no longer supported, anf the version of MIDL it provides is several versions old.

To start the MIDL Analysis software for Cassini, click on the image above or the icon below:
                                (Regular Version)

Important Note!

Java WebStart recently changed, and to use MIDL, you need to change your Java settings on your computer (click here to see how), or start using the download-able version of MIDL below.

For the test version of MIDL, click here: MIDL for Cassini (Test Version)

To use the test version with up to 6 GB, click here: MIDL for Cassini (Test Version with large memory)

To use the test version with up to 2.5 GB, click here: MIDL for Cassini (Test Version with medium memory)

You must have Java 1.5.0 or higher to run the regular or the test version of MIDL.

To run the Cassini Mag Context Viewer, click here.  
Click here to see how to get an up to date version of Java.
For Status Updates, click here.

The first time you run MIDL on your computer:

A small amount of setup may be required to get Java installed on your computer.
      Click here to see what setup is needed for your operating system.
Once Java 1.4.2 or higher is installed on your machine, click on the MIDL icon above, and this will launch Java WebStart.
      (MAC and PC users - best to use Internet Explorer or a very recent Netscape, Linux users - use Mozilla)
      Firefox seems to work well on both Macs and PC's.
      WebStart manages the downloading and installing of the MIDL program.
You will need to enter the MIMI web username and password (you may have to enter it twice for technical reasons.)
There will be a warning message about the authentication certificate we are
      using, because we have not yet purchased a real digital signature.
      You can simply click OK to get past this (some WebStart versions allow an
      "Accept for This Session Only" option).

Note that running MIDL for the first time also installs it on your computer.
To run it again, you can click on the above link, or you can also run it from
within Java WebStart. To do this, first run WebStart (PC users, click on
Start->Programs->Java WebStart->Java WebStart), and you should see the MIDL
icon in there. WebStart also has an option where you can add the MIDL icon
to your desktop so that MIDL can be started like a regular application.
To do this, from withihn WebStart, select the application you want to create
a shortcut to, and then choose Application->Create Shortcuts from the WebStart

How to use the tool: the One Minute Startup Guide.

A very short introduction to MIDL is available through this link. A more detailed version is integrated into the application help menu of MIDL.

Notes about using MIDL:

1. The first screen shown lets you browse through each mission one day at a time.
2. You can choose the mission from the list at the top left.
3. The summary image shown for a particular mission is selected using the "next" or "previous" buttons or the day-of-year entry box at the top of the right panel, just above the summary images themselves.
4. The red vertical bars let you choose a specific time region of interest within a particular day.
5. Select an instrument from the list, and select an analysis tool from the list, and when you click "Launch Selected Tool" you can analyze the data in the selected time window.

Here is a link to the test version.
NOTE: the test version now requires Java 1.5.0 or greater!

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