INCA Tracking Imager

Updated: 17 February 2020

INTI has the ability to download, calibrate, and display data from Cassini MIMI's INCA sensor, while allowing for extensive customization over projections, frames, and elements such as planets or orbits. Furthermore, INTI allows the user to export MP4s, PNGs, and PDFs, as well as the customized configurations.

How to install and use INTI:

 Download the appropriate distribution for your system. Select the time range of interest, and click "Get Missing Data" to download all the required data. Once the download is finished, the processor will appear, allowing the selection of different types of data and calibrations. Then, click either "Launch Single Imager" or "Launch Multi Imager". Once the Imager shows up, choose and customize the overlays of interest and they will render on the display.

 Note: due to platform inconsistencies, there may be some minor sizing and rendering issues on Windows and Linux versions. These issues have been worked on but not exhaustively.

Latest Release (Version 3.0):

  1. Mac OSX
  2. Windows
  3. Linux

Contact Jordi E. Turner with any questions, comments, or concerns.